Why Choose us?


Unique solutions

As every business is unique, we believe your website should show this. Each and every website we design and create is specifically hand-tailored to represent your particular business.


We have extensive experience solving problems creatively for a diverse range of clients from small to medium businesses, governments and non-profits.


We can help plan and measure the monetary impact or return-on-investment of our work on your business.


We are small and have few overheads which means we can focus entirely on the work we do for you. We work collaboratively with other contractors to suit the project. As a result, we tend to get a lot of repeat business.


We believe in accepting your business if the scope of work is within our capabilities—we’ll recommend someone else if we can’t meet your aims. Our goal is to deliver solutions profitably for both of us.

Consistency and value

You can expect the same quality, dedication and attention to detail regardless of project scope or investment size.

Business loyalty

We are constantly looking out for your best interests—even after the invoice. For example, if we come across some information or an idea that will help your business—or benefit you in any way—you can expect us to pass it along.

Quality assured

We develop all our websites using W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium) compliant code. We apply the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) standards to all the websites we create, ensuring the highest levels of quality.


Andy Townsend Design has worked very hard to minimise our impact on the environment and are always looking for ways to cut our carbon footprint. While we still have a little way to go, here are some of the things we do.

Solar Power

Sustainability : Solar Power

We use a grid connected solar array which generates all our energy needs.

Garden Produce

Sustainability : Garden Produce

We grow as much of our own vegetables and fruit as possible, providing fresh, delicious produce for meals.

Solar Hot Water

Sustainability : Solar Hot water

We use a solar hot water service reducing our hot water bill by about half.


Sustainability : Lighting

We use energy-efficient lighting.

Green Hosting

Sustainability : Green Hosting

Our web hosting servers are 100% carbon offset.

Recycled Paper

Sustainability : Recycled Paper

We use OfficeMax 100% recycled paper. It’s chlorine free and has 100% Post Consumer Waste recycled content.


Sustainability : Water

We collect the water from our roof and have installed low-flow fittings to taps.

Healthy Office

Sustainability : Solar Power

We have cultivated a healthy indoor plant collection which helps to produce oxygen and cut indoor toxins.


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